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Dr. Kealeoga Bojosi - Board Chairperson

Welcome to the official website of Botswana Trade Commission (BOTC).

On behalf of the Board of BOTC, I welcome you to our official website. This website is part of our effort to disseminate knowledge about the purpose and functions of BOTC. We hope that you will find the information shared on this website useful in enhancing your understanding of our role within Botswana.

Technology, and in particular the Internet, has become a key enabler in sharing of information and delivery of services in our connected global village. We developed this resource in order to take advantage of this ubiquitous technology to ensure that we can reach and interact with our clients without the need for them to travel to our offices. We are convinced that this move will not only enhance our reach to clients but it will also improve economy, efficiency and effectiveness in the way we share information and process our clients’ requests.

We welcome any input and feedback that you can give us so that we can continuously improve this resource for your benefit.

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